The most comfortable and sustainable way to travel around your city


CO2 levels have increased by 30 % in the last 100 years. That is why ACCIONA is joining the urban mobility challenge, with a proposal based on vehicles powered by certified 100 % renewable energy and a fully electric recharging network.

Present throughout the water cycle

Municipal water services

ACCIONA provides various services in different municipalities: operation, management and maintenance of supply and sanitation networks, waste water treatment plants, sewage systems, pumping stations, distribution networks for drinking water and reclaimed irrigation water, and so on. The company also provides all aspects of the business cycle (customer service, meter readings, billing and payment management). Its design, construction, maintenance and integral water services benefit more than 70 million people worldwide.

Profitability, development and sustainability


This section includes everything you need to know if you own a photovoltaic installation in a solar farm managed by ACCIONA. Log in and browse our customer website.

Green energy

Marketing services

ACCIONA Green Energy Developments supplies 100 % renewable electricity to a wide range of large customers in Spain and Portugal. We offer our customers flexible and tailor-made products, adapted to the particular needs of each consumer. We'll find the right product for you based on your business activity, geographical location, consumer profile and risk tolerance.

Green energy

Market representation

ACCIONA works closely with its customers to offer continuous advice, guaranteeing savings on management costs while maintaining maximum reliability by providing services such as monitoring and support for administrative and legal formalities for market access (OMIE, REE, MITYC, CNMC, Spanish Tax Agency and regional administration) with absolute confidentiality.

Sustainable urbanisation solutions

Real Estate

With ACCIONA, you have all the documents, information and paperwork about your home at your fingertips.