The future of humanity and its connection with the planet depends on the way in which we produce energy: a reliable, affordable and decarbonised energy system is fundamental

We guarantee access to renewable energy

ACCIONA is leading the corporate fight to mitigate the effects of the climate emergency and accelerate change towards a decarbonised energy model.

A trailblazer in the initial phases of the renewable sector, the company is the largest 100 % clean energy company in the world. It is currently the leader in the development, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of renewable assets, supported by a stable growth model and guaranteed with more than 1.000 GW of capacity under construction.

It leads the global ranking of Energy Intelligence's Top 100 Green Utilities for the fifth consecutive year as the world's largest 100 % renewable energy corporation and has avoided the emission into the atmosphere of nearly 15 million tons of CO₂ in 2019 (equivalent to 1.2 million households), equal to approximately twice the total annual emissions in the city of Madrid.

ACCIONA strengthens its innovative and technical capacity in developing renewable technologies, such as wind and photovoltaic power, with a greater degree of maturity and competitiveness. With more than 10,400 MW of its own power installed in 16 countries across 5 continents, it has cemented its privileged position to champion its Business as Unusual model, which promotes investments in the renewable energy sector and low-carbon activities. A different way of doing business that speeds up universal access to energy, in order to achieve overall goal #7 “Affordable and clean energy”, and the adoption of a decarbonised energy model.

A way of doing business that accelerates universal access to energy, to meet Global Goal 7 "Affordable and clean energy", and the adoption of a decarbonized energy model. ACCIONA generates nearly 23,000 GWh and supplies the equivalent of the demand of around 7 million households. All accompanied by social projects that have benefited more than 227,700 people in 2019.

Key figures

7M households

consumption equivalent to renewable production


tonnes of CO2 prevented thanks to renewable generation


installed as of 30/06

22,991 GWh

produced in 2019

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ACCIONA is the world's largest operator in 100 % clean energy, with more than 10 GW installed in the main renewable technologies. We generate clean energy without contributing to global warming and using sources endogenous to each territory, which reduces energy imports.

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ACCIONA's permanent concern and commitment to the health and safety of our people and collaborators is a differentiating element and an indispensable requirement. We pursue the zero-incident objective through the most rigorous prevention measures.

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