Half of the human population lives in cities, the main spaces of social and economic progress in the world. However, overpopulation and the climate emergency are pushing humans to rethink these spaces. The time has come to transform our cities into sustainable, smart and inclusive spaces, thus shaping a better planet.

We are transforming cities into habitable spaces of guaranteed well-being

Cities are home to the greatest changes of our time; they are the main hubs of economic and social activity, amassing a greater need for resources. ACCIONA is responding to this need by developing sustainable and transformative solutions. Interconnected solutions that transform cities into truly productive and habitable well-being spaces, enhanced in the face of the climate emergency.

The pressing need to equip cities with the necessary means to tackle the planet's major challenges, such as climate change and urban concentration, is what compels ACCIONA to design essential urban services beyond energy and water.

In order to create sustainable habitable cities, the company is working to address waste management and the circular economy, extend electric and shared mobility, improve the network of resilient infrastructure and transport, revitalise urban space efficiently and increase green areas. 

For a better city: sustainable, inclusive, safe and a hub for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Key figures


tons of urban waste eliminated per year by our waste recovery plants


electric motorbikes that use renewable energy


homes built in Spain, Mexico, Portugal and Poland

35 %

greenhouse gas reduction


electricity per year thanks to WtE plants

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We support the achievement United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, which address the greatest challenges facing humanity.

Sustainable Development Goals

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Construction R&D

Discover our main lines of research for construction projects and major works. We design solutions to optimize construction processes, as well as new technologies and more efficient materials in works that reduce the potential impact on the natural environment.

Our priority


ACCIONA's permanent concern and commitment to the health and safety of our people and collaborators is a differentiating element and an indispensable requirement. We pursue the zero-incident objective through the most rigorous prevention measures in our transport projects and solutions.