Energy efficiency is an unquestionable goal that, supported by renewable technologies, is fundamental to stopping the Earth’s rising temperatures. It must guide the way humanity utilises energy in order to progress in harmony with the planet. Because the best energy is that which is not consumed.


To fight the climate emergency and achieve a low-carbon world, it is crucial to manage energy optimally, serving as a solid foundation on which we must base the way value is generated.

We carry out integrated energy use management that covers both demand and supply, with a management model based on two characteristics: sustainability and digitisation.

We design and invest in solutions across both areas to not only reduce energy consumption and optimise the operating conditions of the plants, but to also optimise generation (self-consumption) by valuing the assets of our customers. We operate globally, in both the public and private sectors, guaranteeing energy savings and maximising our customers’ self-production.

Our professionals’ capacity for innovation and technological development enables them to incorporate a mix of technologies, which allows us to manage demand in real time, guaranteeing customers’ energy and financial savings and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

We design and invest in solutions across both areas to not only reduce energy consumption and optimise the operating conditions of the plants, but to also optimise generation (self-consumption) by valuing the assets of our customers.

Key figures

Data as of 31 December 2019


saved a year in consumption of our customers


squared metres managed


monitored and optimised per year


of CO2 emissions avoided

ENERGY AS A SERVICE: a Business model

Our business model is tailored to the needs of our customers, managing any type of energy. We offer the possibility of funding all or part of the investment needed to develop the energy project.

  • Guaranteed savings. We guarantee energy savings by implementing the complete energy efficiency project, making improvements to facilities, introducing renewable energies and managing consumption.
  • Shared savings.We develop a complete energy management plan in which we provide the necessary investment to carry out the project. In this way, the customer does not bear the cost, but shares a percentage of the savings achieved
One of our goals is to raise awareness around energy optimisation, helping our customers to get on the path to decarbonisation and efficiency.

Our energy services

Energy demand services (energy efficiency)

We optimise energy use by implementing well-established technologies that provide energy efficiency, thereby reducing environmental impact. Sustainable construction, energy rehabilitation and fleet optimisation and management are just some of the projects we promote.

Energy supply services (self-consumption)

We maximise energy self-generation at our customers' facilities. We improve its use through both storage and sharing solutions with nearby infrastructures.

Digital energy services

A pioneer in the sector, our Digital Energy Services Control Centre optimises consumption, achieves lower costs and reduces CO2 emissions for our customers.

The Control Centre is able to carry out collective energy management to provide flexible digital energy services and aggregation to the market, which is a very valuable asset for the electrical system.

Together with our Innovation team, we’ve incorporated the most advanced technologies in order to obtain and manage large amounts of data through Big Data and Machine Learning, developing predictive algorithms and new visualisation systems. In this way, we have advanced from classical monitoring to predictive maintenance and the intelligent optimisation of asset usage.

Main activities

  • Energy consumption monitoring: from the design to the commissioning of the necessary devices for acquiring data and monitoring the main energy (electricity and gas) and water parameters.
  • Remote and real-time management and control, which optimises operations and analyses deviations from the benchmark indicators.
  • Verification and savings measures: baseline studies of each facility, development of custom plans with KPI tracking and demonstrative savings plans.
  • Integrated demand management and micro-networks: combining generation, storage, network consumption and electric vehicle charging capabilities. In addition, the Control Centre allows us to optimise our customers’ consumption by using power from the network in the lower-priced hours, adjusting the contracted power and distributing flexible consumption to the most optimal moments.
  • Demand response and aggregation services: adding the flexibility of multiple facilities to offer aggregation services to the system operator and distributors, so that they can participate in balancing markets and collaborate in the optimisation of the electrical system as a whole. The Control Centre can operate and act on the facilities, sending instructions to teams in the field, which offers flexibility to the market and allows our customers to obtain additional income.
  • Services for energy communities: we manage community renewable energy networks, in which households and local companies jointly make use of the electricity generation and battery storage capacity at the household level and optimise energy efficiency and costs. This management enables public-private collaboration and the creation of solutions to energy poverty.


Industry is one of the sectors with the highest demand for energy consumption. However, at the same time, it is one of the sectors with the highest potential for savings. Projects of this magnitude require in-depth knowledge of the energy systems implemented and the tools for performance analysis and predictability of variables.

In the private sector, we provide energy services to both the tertiary and industrial sectors and have a significant presence in automotive plants. Our aim is to reduce consumption and optimise the operating and process conditions of customer facilities.



A smart and sustainable city is able to adapt and meet the needs of a globalised world. The challenges that we will face in the immediate future, as well as the new trends in technologies and services, are part of the sustainable development of cities.

At ACCIONA, we design energy services solutions that will be used to transform municipalities into benchmarks for innovation and sustainability. We offer services for buildings and facilities and are involved in public lighting, focusing on energy transformation that saves energy consumption and reduces environmental impact.

We monetize our clients' assets by facilitating behavioral change to optimize their energy use and reduce their CO2 emissions.

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