One of the biggest challenges of integrating renewable energies into the electrical system is their intermittence. And one of the most effective solutions points to its storage. ACCIONA is a pioneer in designing storage technology solutions for renewable energy in Spain, which contribute to driving the transition towards a sustainable, decarbonised energy model.


ACCIONA understands that to develop solutions to the planet’s biggest challenges, it must think outside the box and define a new approach to generating value for human well-being and environmental conservation. This approach includes the transformation of the energy system and the urgency to adopt technologies that drive the growth of clean energies in order to stop global warming.

To this end, it has become a pioneering company in the development of clean energy storage and hybridisation solutions. In 2017, it installed the first hybrid wind power storage plant using batteries in Spain, which earned it the world’s first certificate by DNV GL for a grid-scale energy storage facility, in addition to the Eolo Innovation award from the Spanish Wind Energy Association.

First wind power storage plant using batteries in Spain

The goal of the wind power storage plant with batteries is to promote the integration of renewable energies into the electrical system and optimise the management of the energy generated. To do so, we use hybrid storage systems (power and energy), advanced production prediction models and advanced management and control strategies for different operation scenarios.

Pioneer in traceability of renewable energy sources using blockchain in Spain

The company is also a trailblazer in applying the traceability of renewable energy sources at generation plants with storage through blockchain. Specifically, under the STORECHAIN project, it has applied this technology to two renewable energy facilities in Navarre (Spain): the wind farm where it developed its hybrid storage plant with batteries (Barásoain) and a solar photovoltaic park with storage (Tudela).