We supply clean energy for a sustainable future

We adapt to the needs of our customers anywhere in the world


At ACCIONA, we want to extend our Business as Unusual model to large clients. We offer clean energy solutions to corporations, companies and organisations, which are designed to reduce their carbon footprint and help them achieve their sustainability goals in line with the fight against global warming.

Our status as the only company on the market that operates solely with clean energy on five continents allows us to provide our clients with the differentiating benefits that the supply of 100 % clean energy entails.

We support the business world’s inevitable adaptation to realities created by challenges such as global warming. Renewable energy is becoming increasingly appealing to companies, which strive to improve their business sustainability and reduce their energy consumption. This appeal is reflected in benefits such as control over energy expenses, the reduction of one's carbon footprint and an improved reputation and brand image.

Get in touch with us and we’ll give you information on the contractual format that best meets your needs, whether long-term agreements (PPA) through physical or virtual structures for the supply of renewable energy, short-term bilateral contracts, or the acquisition of green attributes such as guarantees of renewable sources or carbon offsets.

We help other companies and organisations fight the climate emergency and reduce their carbon footprint by supplying 100 % certified renewable energy.

Why enter into a PPA?

The main feature of a PPA (power purchase agreement) in the renewable energy sector is that it guarantees the client’s power supply at a stable price for a prolonged period (typically more than 10 years).

The main advantages of a PPA for the client:

  1. A very competitive energy price.
  2. Makes planning long-term costs easier.
  3. Helps achieve sustainability goals.
  4. Improves the company’s reputation as a sustainable organisation.
  5. Allows for savings on investments and maintenance expenses.
  6. Ensures a reliable power supply from renewable sources.

We help you select the best option for you


  • The renewable project is developed, built and operated on the client’s property and the energy is “self-consumed” directly. Unused surplus energy is fed into the power grid.
  • Based on the client’s consumption profile, the evaluation of resources, the availability of land and local regulations, we develop custom on-site renewable energy solutions within the client's facilities.
  • We bear the development and installation costs and take responsibility for operating and maintaining the project throughout its useful life.
  • A typical PPA agreement lasts >12 years and may include various renewal or alternative revenue options for the project, in order to prevent any consolidation of assets on the balance sheet of our client.


  • We physically supply renewable energy at the client’s points of consumption located in the same electrical system through our retailer/supplier.
  • We work to be the authorised retailer/supplier of renewable energy in the markets in which we are present.
  • This type of contract guarantees long-term coverage (typically >10 years), offering the opportunity to have access to a large, competitive group of projects developed in areas with an adequate amount of space and resources.


  • The renewable project and the client do not need to be in the same electrical system, nor do they need to be physically connected.
  • This is a great solution for clients with multiple load points, so that the renewable project can virtually supply multiple consumption points.
  • It guarantees long-term coverage (typically >10 years), offering access to a large, competitive group of projects with significant economies of scale, in locations with a high level of resources.
  • The Contract for Differences is the most common structure to offset the differences between the price established in the PPA and the price of the wholesale market.



  • Renewable attributes (which have different names in the various markets) can be sold to corporate clients separately from physical energy.
  • By acquiring these attributes associated with a verified asset, the client can count them as renewable energy, similar to offsets on the carbon market.
  • They allow for easy integration into the corporate strategy for purchasing energy in addition to the existing power supply.
  • Through the Greenchain system, we offer our clients the ability to ensure the traceability of the renewable source of our power supply, based on blockchain technology.

Most common names for renewable attributes

+500 clients already trust us

By supplying renewable energy, we have contributed to improving the sustainability of more than 500 clients that operate in various sectors such as transportation, telecommunications, infrastructure, industry, distribution, consumer products and health and cultural services.

100 % renewable energy to large clients in the iberian market

We are the largest retailer of 100 % renewable energy on the Iberian Peninsula, with more than 5,000 GWh supplied to large clients annually in Spain and Portugal.