We are world leaders in desalination by reverse osmosis, the most sustainable, advanced and widely used desalination technique, capable of improving water quality and reducing the impact on the environment.

Desalination (SWRO/BROW)

Water scarcity, which affects 40 % of the population, is increasing because of global warming, so now it is more important than ever to act and find sustainable solutions that counteract such effects while building a promising future in which Global Goal 6 "Clean water and sanitation" can actually be realised.

At ACCIONA, we work to help create a better planet through the mechanisms which make us leaders and pioneers in the sustainable desalination sector. We only carry out water desalination by reverse osmosis — the best desalination technology for providing fresh water in water stressed areas and for promoting a decarbonised economy.

In fact, using reverse osmosis involves 6.5 times less CO2 emissions than conventional desalination technologies in the Middle East and Africa. And as technology evolves and optimises the efficiency and performance of desalination plants, more and more people have fresh water. We have built desalination plants capable of treating about 4.6 million m3/day, sufficient to supply a population of about 25 million people.

ACCIONA's extensive experience in desalination permeates the entire life cycle of the project: design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the desalination plant, all of which draw upon innovative and technical input from our R&D&I department.

Water scarcity, which affect 40 % of the population, is being exacerbated by global warming.

Key figures

Data as of 31 December 2019


desalination plants

4.6 M

m3/day capacity

25 M


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Water desalination consists of a water treatment process by which seawater or brackish water is converted into drinking water in order to supply the population with greater difficulty in accessing fresh water.